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Category Name Category Id Category Item Id Description
Best agency for corporate and/or financial comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 439ekv71gp92jtbx2pf4c4xmcd
Best agency for public affairs 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 464ea4v7d3rca5m7z8981mttmy
Best crisis comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 498gccs2mr6vx5wzkpm2ey5rdp
Best handling of a merger or acquisition deal 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4ya6ebc7v0jw26qf3rm5715axh
Best handling of an IPO 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 48h3f0by7tndfrqmvm6nvdxqd7
Best in-house comms team for corporate comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 43crp8vf948drv3nkdgjaky55j
Best integrated agency for corporate and public affairs 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4gthd3r90q03tw1bm5k9qx0pc3
Best pro-active lobbying campaign on an issue or cause 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4hvjkqp7zjcvf3nzep9sxhvd5b
Best public affairs campaign for an NGO, Charity or Campaigning Organisation 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 41a5gns1nfdspztbec3x5g4jx8
Best use of social media and/or influencers in a campaign 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4qmfa1ab7mfte1my9ph6wna5n2
Best use of media relations in a campaign 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4j081qqfhqdnss91mxczeekxd9
Corporate and/or financial comms professional of the year (agency) 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4zcfea1sfskq2ssecxdm6zgad1
Public affairs newcomer of the year 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4xxx9hg9kdmnfshvn8baqvr5xp
Public affairs professional of the year (agency) 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4h4rasq72n3pzzr1cfn6dkfy44
Categories 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4m1vtft9npsfayy81qh4hn9wx5
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