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Category Name Category Id Category Item Id Description
Best corporate internal comms or employee engagement campaign 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4vrgzdk3ftfdw3b8st8c4jfsd7
Best crisis comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4zx22d60b1ert0t944s2vzj85f
Best handling of a merger or acquisition deal 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4tynanetjc3n1tch1cpk94g2m6
Best handling of an IPO 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4xq6d5zgnfvvxsnhkska1a944a
Best pro-active lobbying campaign on an issue or cause 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4r9agvknaa68x3efqttcmjz344
Best public affairs campaign for an NGO, Charity or Campaigning Organisation 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4ew7f57awa8fm64cfz476r0sxa
Best use of media relations in a campaign (Agency) 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 49qw0tshcw6yv7t2vpczs6d1ns
Best use of media relations in a campaign (In-House) 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4ypp9spvxqeq54zyaf2jkvpfm8
Best use of social media and/or influencers in a campaign 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4ywa3ycj85k4vy71d9qj939kd6
Campaign or Project Categories 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4n53ps5xs1tex3jbnbdcw3fwdb
Corporate and/or financial comms professional of the year (agency) 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4d7pw7tfhq44qvc9hxthn9jhc5
Public affairs newcomer of the year 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 49c7ns9kvy5akvyaak9f3723ch
Individual Categories 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 45z5ewd1fwejdxxnx4908nxqcf
Best agency for corporate and/or financial comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 444grdrecf51fw05fbfgt3gsnj
Best agency for public affairs 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4x90nvvyszpv8329jy4yn6z14p
Best in-house comms team for corporate comms 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4jzqndejz4pmpvcaqa0m1861nj
Best integrated agency for corporate and public affairs 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4wr1yyyx0we8kvt825akc9atn7
New consultancy of the year 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4887t03qsdzz13qvy1257j674s
Industry Initiative Award 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 43jvbhw1p5pra671mh82qwdqnb
Team or Agency Categories 4terhwy8am3ngyc6wk2c81kvcr 4yazy5ept7z20rck1cz38x1hxe
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